Saturday, July 31, 2010

[Aidoru Kana?] Poll results, Extras and brief intro for n00bs =P

You know, you'd think with all this time on my hands, I would be blogging more and procrastinating less, right?
That SnN review I promised has been started, but since I KNOW I won't be finishing into tonight, I decided to post something else instead~ no jumps this time, so just scroll to your heart's content!

I feel like I've been neglecting the story side of this blog as of late, so I decided make an Aidoru exclusive post. Yes, I am aware I posted a chapter of the story just a few days ago, but two weeks without an update? Scandalous! (That, and I was very determined to have six posts in this month... yet that SnN review seems to be coming along rather poorly, so that will probably have to wait at least until Monday. So here's my infamous stalling post!)

For those of you who haven't been following my story (and totally should be, rawr,), here's a little rundown:
I originally created this blog to post chapters of the story "Aidoru Kana?" which focuses on the lives of three young people in the Japanese entertainment industry, all experiencing different dilemmas with their careers and their personal lives. Each character is based on an actual celebrity- the twelve-year-old idol is based on Kago Ai, former H!P frontgirl. Korean-turned-J-pop artist debutante Jae is based on Younha, who you may know for singing the third ending to the anime BLEACH. Hiro is "inspired" by Miura Haruma, purely because he looks delicious- the actor "Hiro" of in the story has nothing to do with his actual experiences in his career as an actor.

Okay, so the poll has long since closed- I set the end date at July 20th, and we have a tie between all three choices. That means I have to come up with a song for Azami's group, HA.NA. BI, and Jae's audition song, AND make a trailer for Hiro's drama? haha, two of three are already half way done.

-I've already written English lyrics to Younha's "Audition- Time2Rock" a little while back (I actually posted about this earlier too) but that project fell through for a while. I'm restarting auditions on Youtube and scouting for a singer, so that should get done fairly quickly =D.

-HA.NA.BI's song will be a S/mileage song (yes, the group from H!P). I've already got girls fandubbing it with me, so expect that out by August 10th.

-and while I don't have HIRO's drama trailer ready just yet (this isn't the trailer for his CURRENT drama, but rather the older one which originally skyrocketed him to fame), I do have another trailer ready for public viewing!

Azami's (12-year-old Ai Kago extraordanaire) trailer, focusing on some key points of her story, I pulled clips from Ai Kago perfs, interviews, and even let her W twin Tsuji Nozomi double for her in some scenes =P. Aren't I the stealthy one?


The subtitles are obviously fake, if you have any degree of vague understanding of Japanese- but I didn't want to spoil it for those of you who didn't before you watched, so I decided the disclaimer would go after the video.

Now, go read the gosh darn chapters, will ya? =P


  1. OMG <333
    YAY! I knew it was Ai Kago, hahaha XD
    YAY for I Wish in the trailer <333
    Does this mean that the other two members are based off Miya and Airi? OWO They're like Buono! Without Momo and plus Kago. Oh, that's a weird combination to think about. LOL XD
    Ooh! I wanna know which S/mileage song you're using!! OWO I'm not actually that big of a S/mileage fan, but I did like Yume Miru 15. I hope it's Yume Miru 15. I like that song xD Or Suki-Chan, I liked that song too. The rest are meh. Or is it Ganbaranakablablabla? I kinda like that song too. I could see their idol group singing that definitely >w<
    Eep! Trailer was uber-cool, BTW. YAY!
    Omgee, this post is too long now. Haha. YAY! I love your story <33

  2. HAH! I found it! It's Suki-Chan! Woot! xD

  3. What interests me most would be auditions for Jae's voice. I can't wait to find out who it will me xD
    (admittedly auditioning seems tempting)
    I await more of your chapters! ^_^

  4. @anon: grr you spoiled it jk jk ^^ I'm glad you liked it considering I hunted all those clips down like
    as for Airi and Miyabi- I was originally going to just go with the Buono trio... but I REALLY wanted to use Ai Kago. Haha. I did allow Momo to make a guest appearance in one of the scenes new the end (when she runs into the doorway, right before the show of the girl messaging on the cellphone... which is from Koizora XD. I just grabbed stuff from all over the place)

    @Migure: You can totally audition if you want, girl! Haha I'm suspecting that there are auditions coming my way just because I saw someone had favorited the video (and trust me, it wasn't because I sing well. Ehehe.)
    More chapters coming are cominggg~!!

  5. Wowowow this trailer *_* I like. Very well put together, even if the vocals don't match the subs. I was sitting there like "heeey that's not what they're saying..."

    Anyway I don't normally read idol fanfiction but yours is an exception :D

    (also I've been meaning to ask for a while but can we affiliate :D )

  6. haha yes we can (lol I visit your blog often so it would be convenient to have you on my blogroll anyway =P)

  7. I just found out about your blog today and was wondering if you would like to exchange links?


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