Saturday, April 24, 2010

[Song] Would you like to give Jae a voice?

Hey everyone!
Sorry, no Azami chapter this week. I'm already spending way too much time online (and not enough time revising for APs) as it is. But I do have an exciting announcement to share!

I've been working on English lyrics to the song that Jae was singing for a while now, and I've finally finished penning the lyrics to it. It's based on Go Younha's song, "Audition-Time2Rock", which, if you haven't guessed yet, is who I used as an inspiration for Jae's character.

Here's the song with its original Korean lyrics translated:

Want to sing this song and be Jae's voice? See under the cut for my lyrics, based on Jae's character!

Here are my lyrics against the original vocals:

If you would like to audition to sing  Jae's song, please follow the instructions below:

1. Sing the following chorus (the second chorus) ACAPELLA ONLY (No instrumental tracks):

Cue the lights
Let it go!
Listen up
The piano’s singing
Can’t you see that I’m
So alive
And now I’m gonna shine!

2. Make sure not have any puffs... make sure you have decent mic quality!

3.Save it as an MP3 file. (If you have any questions about recording, please contact me via email or leave a comment!)

5. Send it to

6. Have fun!

Deadline for sending in auditions: Midnight, Saturday May 16th 2010

Happy recording~



  1. OMG!!
    I knew it was Younha. I soooo knew it xD I love that song, yay!!
    (btw this is the anon reviewer from the 4th chap)

    Anyway, I would audition but I think my voice would be a little too high-pitched than what you're looking for >//<"
    But good luck!!
    Can't wait for the next chapter!!

  2. haha you can still audition if you want~ I'm looking for a voice slightly higher than Younha's anyway :)

    I'll update with the next chapter by the end of the week =D

  3. M'kay, I'll audition if I have time...
    I have AP's, too!! Haha.


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